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Have you ever wanted to do something for the greater good and ask for nothing in return? 
Are you a veteran or a serving or retired member of the emergency services, NHS, HMMPS and miss the comradery of being in the service.
Or are you someone who could add value to NDUK and NDUA aims, objectives etc.

Do you have spare time on your hands? 
Are you willing to travel and assist those in need, even in hostile environments.
Then stay tuned to No Duff UK for updates on how to become a member of the Independent Volunteer Aid Detachment
We go were others fear too!
We Watch, We Listen, We Act!


Coming Soon

Its no good looking on the out side looking in and thinking I wish I would have done that.

You can play your in helping veterans, emergency services, NHS, HMPPS personnel with their metal health and wellbeing.
You can also play your part in helping those affected by the war in Ukraine.


Have you got the selfless commitment to volunteer to help Veterans, EMS, NHS, HMPPS and for our Operations in Ukraine?
Just because you know any of our Directive team, or the CEO does not guarantee you a place in VAD. There is a selection process.

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No Duff UK Independent Voluntary Aid Detachment (NDUKIVAD) Is an independent voluntary unit made up of veterans, serving and former members of the emergency services, nursing staff and Prison Service. The IVAD provides logistical, medical, repatriation and care for British Volunteers in the United Kingdom, Ukraine and various other countries when the need arises. The most important periods of operation for NDUKIVAD units were formed during the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces. Although we are intimately bound up in the war effort and as registered NGO, we are not UK military and are not under the control of the military.
The IVAD volunteers work close to the battlefield, hazardous areas, providing, welfare needs, medical, logistical aid, assistance in the repatriation of the fallen ensuring no British Volunteer is left alone. We act as a liaison between the families, government, and other agencies and in longer-term places of recuperation back in Britain.
Members of No Duff UK IVAD, are a formal uniformed organisation for people with a background in the armed forces, emergency services, prison service and civilians who have an interest in helping those who are in hostile environments with medical (Physical and Mental) and logistical assistance.
NDUK are sponsored in whole or in part by the generosity of members of the public or by organisations who support our roles in the UK and other Countries.
No Duff UK are a registered Community Interest Company and are registered under Companies House Reg Number 11999994.

Mission and Services:
NDUKIVAD are a voluntary unit composed of veterans, current and former members of the emergency services, nursing staff, and the Prison Service. Its primary mission is to provide mental health assistance to veterans, members of the emergency services, NHS, and HMPPS. We also provide logistical, medical, repatriation, and care services to British Volunteers in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and other countries when the need arises. This includes working closely to the battlefield, offering medical and logistical aid, and assisting in the repatriation of UK fallen individuals.
Although we wear a working uniform likened to the armed forces, we are NOT part of the military and work independently. Our ethos and structure are similar to the UK Armed Forces. Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment We are a non-political voluntary detachment who are part No Duff UK, No Duff Ukraine, and we welcome any race, sex, sexual preference, religion etc.
We offer training in First Aid (Both Physical and Mental), Hostile Environments, Mass Trauma Casualties, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and Logistics we have a proven track record in the war of Ukraine.

NDUKVAD is not a part of any military and operates independently. It is registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and is not under the control of Armed Forces.

Uniform and Training:
Members of NDUKIVAD wear a working uniform like the armed forces but are distinct from the military unit flashes they wear. They are a formal uniformed organization that includes individuals with backgrounds in the armed forces, emergency services, prison service, as well as civilians who have an interest in providing assistance in hostile environments or home born disasters. The organisation offers training in various areas, including First Aid (both physical and mental), Hostile Environments, Mass Trauma Casualties, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and Logistics.

NDUKIVAD relies on the support of its members, grants, the public and organisations to carry out its mission. It is sponsored, in whole or in part, by the generosity of individuals and groups that support its roles in the UK and other countries.

No Duff UK is registered as a Community Interest Company and is listed under Companies House with Registration Number 11999994.

Non-Political and Inclusive: NDUKVAD emphasizes its non-political nature and welcomes individuals of all races, sexes, sexual preferences, religions, and backgrounds to join its ranks.

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