Who Should You Donate To ?


Just some thoughts from me about donations to Not For Profit Organisations.

Before you think of donating to an organisation please do a little bit of research. When you actually research some of them you'd be surprised to find out how many of them have a CEO who is on a salary of £100,00 to £150,00 a year or how many of their staff are on £60,000 a year or more. That is ridiculous! A big proportion of that money could be going to the cause they purport to work for.

Don’t get me wrong some of these organisations do a lot of good but how much more could they do if they restricted their staff to the average yearly salary of approximately £32,000 ?

Let’s take an example from the sector that we work in. I’m not going to name the organisation but the information is right there at your fingertips. One well-known organisation pays their top people approximately £500,000 in wages and that’s just the top people on £60K or more a year. To put that into perspective No Duff UK could pay for 1250 counselling sessions with that money!

So why not consider one of the smaller organisations? Have a look at them and think to yourself "How much good could this group do with a bit more money behind them ?"

All of those who work in Armed or Public service are absolute heroes and they deserve all the help we can give them and those working in the not for profit sector should not be skimming so much off the top.

And funnily enough, No Duff UK just happens to be one of those organisations !

We provide help and support for serving and former members of Armed Forces, Emergency Services, NHS, Prison Service and Animal Welfare staff who are now suffering from Mental Health issues because of their service to the Country and Community. We are unique because we don't just look to support one of these groups but all of them.

We provide therapy/counselling for PTSD, Bereavement, Long Covid and anything else that is affecting them. Those therapies include Person Centred, Bereavement, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Solution Focused, Reiki, Hypnotherapy. Over the last 12 months we have provided therapy for 160 people in our demographic. Just imagine how many more we could help with some more financial support.

We also provide PIP advice and Pension advice and if there is any other way we can help, we will.

If you own or are involved with a company that wants to give a little bit back and genuinely ensure that what you want to donate will be going towards those that need it please do get in touch for donations or to sponsor us.

If you as an individual want to help us by making a donation, however small, our bank details are: -

Bank Anna,

Mr Dean Owen,

No Duff UK CIC,

Acc No 95420176

Sort Code 04-03-70

Or you could visit our website and use the donate button.

We are a small company now but our ambition is to eventually cover the whole country and be the go to organisation for All Arms and All Services.

Dave Leigh

Director - No Duff UK