How No Duff UK can Help.


We are No Duff UK, , a not for profit CIC and we provide help and support for serving and former members of Police, Armed Forces, Other Emergency Services, NHS, Prison Service and Animal Welfare Staff who are suffering from Mental Health issues.

We are all ex services and understand the pressures that staff face and judging by the amount of Public Service who contact us, we believe there is an increasing Mental Health crisis within the Public  Service.

We are currently working with a North West  Service and have assisted them to reduce their waiting times for therapy down from 6 months to 2 months, in fact once a client is referred to us we can usually arrange a first appointment within a matter of weeks. We have helped approximately 140 members of staff from this North West Service in the last 12 months.

Our therapists can offer counselling in the following disciplines: -

Person Centred.



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Transdiagnostic CBT.





We actually have members of this Service now specifically asking for us when they attend OHU.

One of our main beliefs is that you don't heal in the same place where you got sick. By that, and we are speaking from our own experiences here, we mean that there is nothing worse than attending a therapy session in a building that you associate with work or that you may bump into other colleagues at.

We believe that working with us significantly reduces waiting times for therapy, is more beneficial for staff, reduces staff leaving the Service, reduces working days lost to the Service and through that saves financially in the long run.

Contact your Occupational Health Units and make them aware of us and what we do.

Call 07985411154.

Dave Leigh.

Director - No Duff UK.