Help No Duff UK get this Ambulance across to Ukraine.
No Duff UK have been kindly donated this ambulance. We have a bit of way to get the ambulance roadworthy and across to Ukraine. Your help is appreciated in getting it road worthy and across to the hospitals in Ukraine.
you can help us by donating to our gofundme page

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Our Supporters

Every Army, every Organisation needs support. With No Duff UK every person, every organisation needs wheels turning for logistics, transportation, mechanical, storage, fundraising, banking, cleaners, admin etc etc,

Without our supporters we can most certainly fall short of our missions, aims and objectives both with the work we conduct here with our mental health and wellbeing activities, but also the work we conduct with Ukrainian Refugees and Asylum Seekers who have been affected by war.

NDUK have been successful in their missions over in Ukraine, and this is down to to the organisations listed. For Op Per Sec I can not mention personal names with out their permission but a BIG THANK YOU!

We Watch, We Listen, We Act!

AUGB Liverpool Branch

Thanks to Rachel Stott from Healthier South Wirral for the Ambulance .

Ambulance Up dates