No Duffing About 2 (Cancelled) Covid 19

Updated: May 13

Welcome to Lex Legio MC Fundraiser for No Duff UK. (“No Duffing About 2”) No Duff UK is a Companies House Registered Community Interest Company with a registration number of 11999994. No Duff is an organisation that provides a listening and signposting service for HM Forces, her Veterans, Emergency Services, HMPS, NHS and Animal Rescue Services such as the RSPCA. We help those who as a result of service suffer from Mental Health Issue’s and Mental Health Illnesses.

No Duff What Does “No Duff” mean. “No Duff” is Military Coms meaning “This is Not a Drill”. Who are we? We are a group of serving and former service personnel who along with our civilian colleagues recognise the need to support rank and file personnel both serving and retired who as a result of service suffer from Mental Health issue and Mental Health illness. What makes us unique? We are unique in the fact that whether you are Military, Emergency Services, HMP, Hospital, Veterinary or Animal Rescue Services we understand that we/you are those that stand between the monsters and the weak. This sets us apart from others and bonds us as Warr;ors fighting the same cause. What do we do? We draw on each other’s service, skill and attributes having served in the above to help those that are affected by their service with Mental Health and Mental Health Illness. We go further than most as we believe not just the individual is hurting but the whole family gets affected. We are there for you. We Watch, We Listen, We Act.

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