Operation React

Updated: May 17

The past number of months have proven to be a difficult time for the UK. This is due to the Global Pandemic of the Corona Virus. This has seen the world come to together to battle against an unprecedented health emergency on a scale never before seen.

These are challenging and uncertain times. At No Duff UK we each know someone or some family who has been affected by the virus. Everyday we all worry about the health of our loved ones and we continue to adjust our daily routines to combat Covid 19

Since the start of the Pandemic No Duff UK has been at the fore front of the battle assisting its members who suffer with mental health illnesses or issues.

Senior Members and Members of No Duff UK have been on the front line volunteering with Team Rubicon who have been standing up its capability and bringing in their disaster response expertise to help the UK to overcome the biggest peace-time challenge it has ever faced.

Team Rubicon UK have been working alongside the UK Government, British Armed Forces, the UK Voluntary and Community Sector to set up a national cell to organise and coordinate volunteers. No Duff UK jumped straight in and volunteered them selves to assist the fight in the battle against Covid 19. Some of the members on the front line with others holding things steady on the home front, providing admin roles or keeping members active by providing well-being activities .

When Team Rubicon UK activated the launch of Op RE:ACT, No Duff UK actively recruited and mobilised its own members, whilst Team Rubicon UK began mobilising the UK’s military veterans who have answered the nation’s call for volunteers.

No Duff UK team have served their country in a number of ways but always with pride, compassion, integrity, and respect and along with Team Rubicon UK they’re ready to step forward to serve again. I am immensely proud of Team No Duff UK who have stepped forward and answered the call to volunteer on the front line again.... No Duff UK CEO Dean Owen



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