The Royal Marine and Para Regt. Pull up Challenge.

Ollie White nominated Craig Kinninmonth RM to raise awareness of the suicide situation and the reasons that drive people towards this desperate act.

He has thrown his own spin on this and with Ollies permission opted to undertake support of 2 small charities that are battling hard to provide support to military and first responder veterans, they are under resourced, under recognised and battling hard to get their message out there, they are run by veterans. If you have time please have a look at this youtube link 23 mins provided by Simon Maryan (Icarus): the war on ptsd . Craig has committed to display via these means 25 pull-ups, 5 pull ups on the minute every minute for 5 minutes for 25 days each pull up Craig fail's to display he will donate £1 and split between the charities at the end of the 25 day challenge. So Craig has seen himself off again with technology and failed to display the last set of 5. no whimpering or moaning my poor tech skills/drills.... It was his fault. The running total in the bank is now £10.... as a Scotsman he has seen himself off now for 20 pull ups in 3 days ....and he says that hurts :-) Through out this Craig has to stitched up his pals like Nudger Wills, Simon Maryran, Daryn McGrave to name just a few. To see Craig doing his pull ups check him out on facebook. He can't drink for shit but he can bang them pull ups out.



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