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 Each member of the team is experienced with in the field of Mental Trauma. 

Dean Owen

Chief Executive Officer

Since forming No Duff, Dean Owen has played a crucial role in the continued success of the services No Duff  provide.Our exceptional skill set, true passion and own experiences have inspired people to come to terms with their Mental Health and help remove the stigma.

Having seen service in HM Forces, HMP, Police and RSPCA there isn't a lot that I haven't seen or that shocks me anymore. My aim is to help those of us who have kept the monsters at bay, but who too fight their own Demons and Black Dogs. I was diagnosed with Severe PTSD and Adjustment disorder in 2009 which led to my Medical Retirement from the Police Service.

Mental Health  First Aid Trainer

Graham Price (Pricey)

 Director of Operations 

Nicci Cairnes


Sarah Doyle


I became a volunteer police chaplain in 2018. My reasoning behind by decision was my husband who was a serving police officer with Merseyside Police was killed in 2014 after being recognised as an off duty police officer whilst on his works Christmas night out. The support that I received from his friends and colleagues was invaluable and they got me through some very dark times hence my decision to join the chaplaincy team as I wanted to give something back to those who have and continue to help me. I have battled PTSD and anxiety so know exactly what it’s like first hand. I also understand the pressures that the police can put on family life as I have experienced that part of it too.

Tony Barton

Mental Health Trainer

As a police officer for 30 years I was ideally placed to witness first hand the effects of stress and trauma on colleagues in a dynamic and fast moving environment. As head of the representative body for police officers I became passionate about providing help and support for their mental health and well-being. 

Being in a role with responsibility for the health and welfare of colleagues I have extensive experience in supporting numerous colleagues through their mental health journey. I have supported numerous colleagues suffering with conditions from Anxiety and Depression through to mental health crisis and suicide providing one to one assistance and signposting to the  appropriate treatments and support. This has  assisted them to access the necessary support and either staying in work while receiving treatment or returning to work sooner following effective treatments. Where appropriate I have also assisted colleagues to leave the organisation with dignity and integrity when recovery has not been possible.

We provide MHFA training to staff and line managers in many other organisations from both private and public sector industries. .


18 years Royal Corps of Transport a proud TROG

Having served in BAOR, NI, Belize and UK.

I have seen many instances effecting colleagues and myself. With no formal mental health training I look forward to completing mental health first aid training very soon. I’m always willing to listen and learn. 

Garry Proctor

HMP Adviser 

From a military background with the last 15 years in HMP I took the decision to get involved with No Duff having met Dean and experienced his passion and dedication to helping those in need. I have no formal nor professional qualifications in mental health and have been extremely fortunate not to have suffered like so many. So why and what do you bring to the table would be the obvious question. I have been in and around uniformed personnel my entire 51 years and the passion for their safety and welfare is ingrained. I am stubborn, head strong, tenacious, aggressive and determined to mention a few double edged attributes. There is no door I will not knock on, no telephone I will not call and no avenue I will not explore in order help those that are unable to help themselves. I feel privileged to be involved with No Duff and honoured to have the opportunity to make a difference to those that have done so for others.

Counselling Services 

Empathy Counselling Services

Rachel Burns 

British Army Veteran and also a Military wife, I understand the lifestyle from both the soldiers and partners perspective. All too often those who serve their country and the public along with the trauma that they experience are being forgotten about, which is why I want to help in any way that I can. I became involved with No Duff whilst facing my own struggles and I am now extremely proud to be a part of the team. I am currently studying to become a Mental Health Nurse.

Dave Leigh

 Director of Health and Wellbeing 

Here at No Duff UK we believe in getting you the help you need faster than the speed of a thousand Gazelles. All you have to do is speak to one of the Directors who will complete a referral form and the next thing is you have started your journey to recovery.
After careful thought and consideration we choose Empathy Counselling Services in St. Helens, Merseyside. Here is what Rachel Burns says.


I regard myself as a friendly approachable, empathetic person-centred counsellor who offers confidential and non-judgmental support.
At some point in our lives we can find ourselves struggling, whether that be with home, work, relationships or medical reasons. Depression, anxiety, work related stress, bereavement, trauma (PTSD), addictions and infertility are just a few things that we can find ourselves dealing with.
Please search for us on Facebook, online or contact us via email or phone. We are extremely responsive to all messages.

Training, qualifications & experience

Level 4 Diploma in Theraputic Counselling.

Person-centred counsellor with Critical incident debrief and trauma training.

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