Word of Mouth

Just shows that this group works.. Amazing convo with Sarah Doyle earlier...Massive helper and got me geared up to crack on. Nice to have someone really understand what you are talking about.

Actions put into place now so standing by.

Massive thank you to Nita De Asha for your help, advice and planning for this week! Another absolute star!

A Serving Police Officer.

Hope you do not mind me emailing but I would like to congratulate you on your talk on Friday. I found yours and Dean’s message extremely powerful and emotive and I am certain you will have helped a number of people in the room. I think a lot of people in our communities do not understand the pressures and the stress placed upon our police officers and this is definitely a message worth spreading as it was certainly an eye opener for me. Both yourself and Dean displayed immense bravery in relaying your story for the first time on Friday and if either of you would like to spread the word even further you are both welcome too at our mental health learner celebration event on Wednesday 20th February. If you do not feel like giving a talk at the event you and Dean would still be more than welcome to come along and get a taste of the mental health project we are delivering in Knowsley to link into your community directory.
I do not have Dean’s email address so I would be extremely grateful if you could pass this message onto him please. It is an inspiration to see you have both come through your respective troubles living a happy life.
Thank you again and hope to speak again soon,

 Alex Horrocks

Thanks for coming and speaking on Friday your talk was amazing. I’m glad we help at least one person which is all we ever wanted.

A Serving Police Officer

Hi Dean,
Once again, it was a real privilege to meet you. I’m sure our paths have probably crossed at some point over the years.
If you’re up for it, I’m hoping to repeat the event in 6-7 months’ time with the aim of getting more operational officers present. It’s a tricky balance as I don’t think ordering staff onto it is the right way to go but there may be other things we can do to generate awareness and interest. Would you be interested in coming back?
I’ve had quite a bit of contact with D since. He’s a great lad and is doing you and your Dad proud and he’ll make sure that collar number remains respected across the force.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

A Senior Police Officer

Hi Dean,
Great to hear from you, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been catching up since Christmas and was also waiting on the outcome of a meeting last week as we may have a steer on further events from a new Chief Officer. I like the idea of the motorcycle event and if there’s anything we can do to help, let me know.

A Senior Police Officer

I'm currently going through therapy for PTSD. Each session I attend I have to go through an assessment of the time since the last session.
One of the questions is "Have you felt that you could talk to anybody this week?"
The answer is a tick box job.
0 Being "Not at all"
5 Being "All the time".
Since this group started I have been able to tick 5 every single time.
The advice I've received hasn't just been a "Ahh it will all be okay in the end."
It's been an uncompromisable "I'm gonna climb into that ditch with you and we will get out together."
What I mean to say is, you are all a mega inspiration who has helped me more than you know. To some it may have just been a phonecall in the day but to me it's meant the world and been amazingly uplifting.
Another question is "Have I felt overwhelmed and dispaired?"... Never had to tick 0 because I know I've had this top group on my six 🤘🤘 Cheers guys.. Mega stuff this

A Serving Police Officer

Massive shout of appreciation to Dean Owen who has set this group up, given us all a place of safety to talk about our demons. Is working tirelessly behind the scenes to get the brand out there to help more people whilst working and also available 24 hours a day should anyone need to talk and also has his own PTSD issues like the rest of us.

You sir are proof that not all heroes wear capes.

Well done and Thank You 💙💙

Sarah Doyle (Chaplain)

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