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How We Got Here

We all carry unique stories that brought us to this point—a club no one desires to join, including myself. Yet, here I am, at the forefront, facing challenges, and giving that helping hand.

I've felt trapped in a dark place, grappling with PTSD and mental health issues.
No Duff UK is here to offer that much-needed assistance.

With us, you won't navigate this journey alone. We're here to extend a helping hand, reminding you that the only time to look down on someone is when you're helping them up.

A mental health diagnosis shouldn't cause worry. Not all wounds are visible, and at "No Duff UK," we're dedicated to breaking barriers and ending stigma surrounding mental health.

If you need us, reach out.

We support those in the Military, Emergency Services, NHS, HMP Service, and Animal Rescue Services, facing stress-related mental health issues, substance abuse, and tragically, those contemplating suicide.

No Duff UK proudly supports war-affected individuals and stands with the Ukrainian People, providing assistance in the UK and Ukraine.

We Watch, We Listen , We Act



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