Dean Owen

Chief Executive Officer

Since forming No Duff, Dean Owen has played a crucial role in the continued success of the services No Duff  provide.Our exceptional skill set, true passion and own experiences have inspired people to come to terms with their Mental Health and help remove the stigma.

Having seen service in HM Forces, HMP, Police and RSPCA there isn't a lot that I haven't seen or that shocks me anymore. My aim is to help those of us who have kept the monsters at bay, but who too fight their own Demons and Black Dogs. I was diagnosed with Severe PTSD and Adjustment disorder in 2009 which led to my Medical Retirement from the Police Service.

Graham Price

Director Of Operations

18 years Royal Corps of Transport a proud TROG

Having served in BAOR, NI, Belize and UK.

I have seen many instances effecting colleagues and myself. With no formal mental health training I look forward to completing mental health first aid training very soon. I’m always willing to listen and learn. 

Graham Price Director of Operations.jpg
Dave Leigh Director of Health and Wellbe

Dave Leigh

Director Of WellBeing

Dave served 30 years in Merseyside Police. After 15 of those years he became involved in training on a part time basis before ending his career in a full time training role. He was the Lead Self Defence Instructor for Merseyside and the North West Representative on the National Self Defence and Restraint Practitioners Committee. He was also a Subject Matter Expert in Use of Force providing advice, opinion and evidence all over the country.

Dave was also a Lead Taser Trainer, Taser Trainer of Trainers, National Public Order Tactical Trainer and National Public Order Tactical Advisor.

Dave also holds qualifications in IOSH Managing Safely, NEBOSH General Certificate in Safety and Health, Level 4 Learning and Development, Gym Instructing and Personal Training.

He has a studied various Self Defence and Martial Arts systems throughout his life and developed his own simple and effective Self Defence System.

He also has a passion for fitness having attended gyms since the age of 13 years old, in the Police he used to run a Fitness Club in his own time to help colleagues get and stay fit. As Director of Health & Wellbeing he now runs the No Duff Fitness Training Group.