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Dean Owen

Chief Executive Officer

"Since the inception of No Duff, Dean Owen has played a pivotal role in ensuring the ongoing success of the services we provide. His exceptional skill set, genuine passion, and personal experiences have served as a source of inspiration, empowering individuals to confront their mental health challenges and contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding it.

With a background in HM Forces, HMP, Police, and RSPCA, Dean has witnessed a spectrum of experiences that few can comprehend, making very little capable of shocking him. His mission is to extend support to those who, like him, have confronted monsters on the front lines but continue to grapple with their own demons and black dogs.
Dean retired from the Police Service in 2009.

Beyond his service, Dean has undertaken Humanitarian Aid Missions in Ukraine and is the founder of No Duff Ukraine.


Dan Owen
Director of Special Operations


Dan, a dedicated member since the inception of No Duff UK in 2019, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving others. Following in his father's footsteps, Dan joined the Emergency Services in 2015, where he quickly developed a passion for aiding individuals facing mental health challenges. As a qualified Mental Health First Aider, Dan exemplifies his dedication to providing immediate support to those in need.

Driven by empathy and a desire to assist the less fortunate, Dan's involvement intensified during the War in Ukraine. His invaluable contributions led to his appointment as Director of Special Operations, a testament to his exceptional efforts. Beyond his work related to the conflict, Dan has played a crucial role in aiding refugees and asylum seekers in Merseyside.

Furthermore, serving as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) during No Duff UK's operations in Ukraine, Dan coordinates meetings with the Ukrainian Police and other relevant agencies, particularly those affiliated with the International Police Association. Through his multifaceted involvement, Dan embodies the organization's commitment to making a positive impact on mental health and humanitarian efforts.


Rory Haddock
Director of Training

Rory's remarkable journey weaves through a tapestry of diverse experiences, deeply rooted in his service with various units, notably the Royal Corps of Signals. His tours in Bosnia showcase his unwavering commitment and resilience.

Post-military service, Rory explored a range of roles, transitioning from a pleasure boat Skipper to caring for medically dependent children in a children's home. In 2015, he entered the frontline of the Ambulance Service, seamlessly transitioning to a role focused on mental health support for staff and volunteer groups within one of the largest ambulance service trusts in the country.

Throughout Rory's dynamic career, a constant thread has been his dedication to training. From his expertise in first aid, marksmanship, and NBC acquired in the forces to civilian roles, Rory has been a devoted instructor since 2008, with first aid at the core.

In his latest pursuit, Rory has achieved instructor membership with Mental Health First Aid England, highlighting his relentless pursuit of excellence in training and education. His journey reflects not just a series of experiences but a lifelong commitment to learning and enhancing the well-being of others.

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