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Minibus Booking Form

Please fill out the following form.
In order to book the minibus. Booking the minibus is subject availability. The minibus is primarily used for Veterans and their dependants.

Are you a Veteran?
Are you a Veteran or a Dependant of a veteran?
Do you have your own driver?
Do you require a driver?

You will be emailed our policies and procedures please ensure where applicable the forms are signed.
We will ensure that there is a full tank of fuel and expect the same on return. All checks will be carried out prior to collection, however it is the drivers responsibility to ensure they carry out their own checks.
If there any faults please inform staff at No Duff UK ( and we will endeavour to rectify asap.
We expect the minibus to be returned to us in the same condition as you collected it. Any damage, or the vehicle being soiled YOU will be billed for costs and labour for any works carried out.

Flight Number

Contact Number

Do you agree to the above statement and terms.

Thanks for submitting!

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