Denise Welsch

Denise is a well known English actress and star of Loose Women. She has recently landed a role in Hollyoaks and is an avid writer being the author of ‘The Sunday Times’ Bestseller “ The Unwelcome Visitor” based around her own battle with depression. Here at No Duff UK we are looking forward to working with her.

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Gail Porter 

Gail is a well known Scottish television presenter, former model and actress. She was the subject of the BBC One Life series Gail Porter Laid Bare in 2006. Her autobiography ‘Laid bare: My Story of Love, Fame and Survival’ was published in 2007. In 2020 she took part in her own documentary “Being Gail Porter” which focuses predominantly on her Mental Health. She is looking forward to working with No Duff UK.

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Lt. Col (rtd) Rab Livingstone

Rab joined the Army in June 1982, joining the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Armoured Corps in Bovington before moving on to the 4th Royal Tank Regiment and then the 1st Royal Tank Regiment after their amalgamation in 1993. He served for 20 years as a soldier before commissioning from Warrant Officer 1stClass. During this time, he served in UK, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, USA and N Ireland.

After commissioning into the 1st Royal tank Regiment he served as RSO, Quartermaster, Sub Unit Commander and on operations in Iraq as DCOS to the UK MiTT Group. In 2011 he left Regimental Duty and went on to serve in Afghanistan with 20 Armd Bde. Since then he has completed the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Land), and has served as an advisor to Dstl, Chief of staff at the Land Warfare Centre and then on promotion to Lieutenant Colonel as ACOS plans in the Falkland Islands within HQ British Forces South Atlantic Islands. His last posting was as Quartermaster (Technical) at the Armour Centre in Bovington, he completed that posting at the end of 2020 at the very place he started his Army career 38 years previous.


Rab splits him time between working in UK where he is now employed as the Logistic Programme Manager for Anglian Water and going home to Cape Town where he lives with his wife Karin when work and leave allow it. He loves sport but once football became too painful and too quick to play any longer his new passion became cycling which now occupies pretty much all his spare time. Two years ago, he claims to have beaten Chris Froome racing to the top of a hill just outside Johannesburg, although many say Chris did not know he was in a race, Rab would say when you are on your bike it’s always a race.

After a long Army career one of Rab’s aims is to do what he can to help those who served when they need it most. No Duff is definitely one of those great support organisations which provides an excellent service by helping those in need. He is excited by the prospect of being able to assist, support and give something back to those that have served our country in its military or civil organisations.           


Michelle Partington MCMI, McPara, DipHSC

‘Mich’ served in the RAF as a paramedic and was one of the first fe-male paramedics to serve on the frontline in Afghanistan on multiple tours of duty. She also represented Great Britain in the Invictus Games. She has her own company Mentis educating about Mental Health in the Workplace. Look out for her book when it hits the bookshops.


Christopher Lamb BEM

Chris Lamb BEM Chris is well known in the North West for his Team Chocolate Orange work. He says :- No Duff UK has moved mountains since it’s inception. It’s opened a door to Mental Health and raised the profile for support across the Emergency Services and Armed Forces. It’s an absolute privilege to be asked to be an Ambassador. I didn’t even need to think about it when asked