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No Duff UK (NDUK) was born penny less however with the help from our friends, military, and emergency services community like a small acorn NDUK started to grow into tree!

NDUK quickly became a registered Community Interest Company (Reg 11999994) and began to work hard and fast removing the stigma of mental health and suicide.

As a Not-for-Profit organisation we heavily rely on the generosity of members of the public, organisations, and donors such as the Veterans Foundation.

Our aim is to offer mental health and wellbeing support for those who have served in the following: -

  • HM Armed Forces and our Allies

  • Emergency Services


  • NHS

  • Animal Rescue Services

This is our number one priority however with the covid 19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the rise in the cost of living we quickly found ourselves helping all who need our services.


You can help us help those who help us in our hour of need.

You can do this by simply hitting the donation the button, PayPal or directly by paying into

Banking Details


Sort Code: 04-03-70

Account: 95420176


You will be part of organisation that helps save and prevent suicide.

Many Thanks.

If you would like to support our efforts in both the UK and Ukraine you can donate at our gofundme page where we will be taking an ambulance into the conflict areas to assist with casualty evacuation. 

Op Fidelis

No Duff UK
Are proud to announce Chapelhouse as our New Sponsors there will be more to follow..

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