Who We Are 

We are a group of serving and former service personnel who along with our civilian colleagues recognise the need to support rank and file personnel both serving and retired who as a result of service suffer from Mental Health illness. “No Duff” is Military Comms meaning “This is Not a Drill”. 

What We Do

We draw on each other’s service, skill and attributes having served in the above to help those that are affected by their service with mental health. We go further than most as we believe not just the individual is hurting but the whole family gets affected. We are there for you

What Sets Us Apart

We are unique in the fact that whether you are Military, Emergency Services, HMP, Hospital, Veterinary or Animal rescue services we understand that we/you are those that stand between the monsters and the weak. This sets us apart from others and bonds us as Warriors fighting for the same cause. 


More About No Duff

How We Got Here

Everybody has a story as to how they got here. We are members of a club that probably nobody wants to be in, I don’t want to be in it, but here I am at the front of the coal face chipping away, or in some hole keep looking up wishing that someone would pull me out.

I am in that hole and have been for what seems like forever we / I can’t get out of the hole unless someone helps me or you so I’ve decided to tunnel my way out, and way in the distance I can see light!

Suffering from PTSD or any other Mental Health Illness can make you feel like that, alone and in a dark place, followed by the Black Dog.

…NO DUFF… you will not been on your own and we will help you out and the only time you should look down on another is when you are helping them up..

Being diagnosed with a mental health illness shouldn’t be an issue or worry as Not all Wounds are Visible so here at “No Duff” we aim to smash through the barriers, breaking every stigma that is attached to the variety of illnesses that surround Mental Health.

If you need us send a text message starting with “No Duff” we then know help is required asap.

The people we help are those who as a result of service whether it be Military, 999 Service, NHS, HMP Service and Animal Rescue Services. Sadly these stressful jobs result in Mental Health Complications, Substance Abuse and Sadly people who find no way out and take their there own life.




When the Black Dog is coming, together we will chase it away!


We Watch, We Listen, We Act!


Chief Executive Officer and Founder   




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